Conduit Resources Partners with Drillinginfo

Combining energy data management with Drillinginfo’s industry-leading data


Denver, Colorado (August 15, 2019): Conduit Resources, a leader in energy data management software and services announced today, a new strategic partnership with Drillinginfo. This partnership brings together Drillinginfo’s industry-leading data and Conduit Resource’s powerful Energy Data Conduit for Drillinginfo software solution.

“We are proud to partner with Drillinginfo to provide enhanced access and usability of their data and analytics solutions for our mutual clients. This collaboration provides unparalleled value and capabilities to integrate world-class data within an organization's proprietary application suite,” said Charlie Strickler, Chief Executive Officer at Conduit Resources.

As part of this strategic alliance, Conduit Resources now delivers a data management tool for Drillinginfo’s complete data set. Our comprehensive solution maintains an enriched database on a local network for integration with proprietary software, enabling our customers to analyze plays with a complete set of information.

The Energy Data Conduit for Drillinginfo will allow customers to do the following:

·       Automate custom data integrations for geoscience applications
·       Publish spatial data to internal web maps and portals
·       Maintain evergreen energy data within industry-standard analytics software

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