Conduit Resources Releases v3 of The Energy Data Conduit for Enverus Drillinginfo

Energy data management solutions designed for Drillinginfo

Denver, Colorado (September 5, 2019): Conduit Resources, a leader in energy data management software and services, announced today the release of version 3 of The Energy Data Conduit for Drillinginfo, an Enverus Company. This data management solution allows fit for purpose mapping and analytics workflows built on Drillinginfo’s industry-leading data products.

“This is a major release for our Drillinginfo solution that adds unrivaled access to their entire data suite for our clients. Our new Well Finder for Drillinginfo is a robust search and query tool providing access to their entire data library as well as direct links to state web sites. We are happy to release this new product to our clients,” said Michael Latimer, Chief Development Officer at Conduit Resources.

Along with the brand-new Well Finder for Drillinginfo, this release includes all new applications, tables, and schemas for the version 2 web services for Leases and Landtrac Leases. These extra data sets are now available on a local network for fast access within proprietary systems, enabling our customers to analyze plays with a complete collection of information.

The Energy Data Conduit for Drillinginfo will now add the following enhancements:

·       All new Well Finder for Drillinginfo, a comprehensive search, query and export application

·       Upgrades Lease and Landtrac Lease tables to version 2 web services

·       More spatial columns representing distinct intervals along a wellbore trajectory

·       Three-dimensional spatial columns for surface locations, bottom locations, and paths

·       All new Well Rollup table

Existing customers should contact with any questions or to schedule an upgrade. 

For further information on the Energy Data Conduit for Drillinginfo from Conduit Resources, please visit

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Conduit Resources as a Data Management Solution Provider

With our recently announced upgrade to The Energy Data Conduit for RS Data™, we would like to discuss some benefits of utilizing The Energy Data Conduit as an energy data management solution.

In a short time frame, all additions and changes to our databases, loaders, templates, and documentation are complete. We already have several of our clients upgraded as part of our normal service and will have the rest upgraded before next week. Our clients do not have to worry about making these changes in a small window and are confident they will not suffer any downtime.

For clients that we have built custom secondary integrations for that use this data, we will update those integrations allowing them to focus on their normal workflows.

Our rapid response to a changing data environment is why over 80 energy companies have decided to put their trust in Conduit Resources. Please contact us if you would like more information about how we can assist you with RS Data™ or any of our managed products.